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Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner

Melissa Facchina has served as our co-Chief Executive Officer since our formation. Ms. Facchina has over 25 years of experience across the food and beverage manufacturing and services industries. Since March 2020, she has served as Managing Partner at Siddhi Capital, a company which she co-founded with Mr. Steven Finn that manages an early-stage venture capital fund in the food and beverage industry. Since June 2015, Ms. Facchina has been operating as an outsourced operations partner, supporting various consumer packaged goods companies. In March 2016, she formalized and launched Siddhi Ops, Inc. (formerly Siddhi Shot Corp.), which has turned into the premier outsourced operating firm serving the high-growth and emerging food and beverage companies. While at Siddhi Ops, Inc., Ms. Facchina has worked alongside more than 300 food and beverage clients. In 2020, Siddhi Ops Inc received an Inc 500 placement as the 197th fastest growing private company in the country, and the 5th fastest growing in food and beverage. In 2014, Ms. Facchina worked with ForceBrands, a New York-based boutique recruitment firm serving the emerging food and beverage segment, building infrastructure for operations and manufacturing roles. From 2012 to 2014, Ms. Facchina worked as a freelance consultant to several companies, servicing both the tech and health and wellness communities. Prior to 2012, she spent three years formerly working at Johanna Foods, Inc., a food and beverage manufacturing company that her father purchased in 1995, serving in several capacities, with several additional years shadowing leadership cross-departmentally.

Ms. Facchina serves on the Board of Directors for Magic Spoon, Mid-Day Squares, Momofuku CPG, Aura Bora, immi (Fifty Foods) and Moku. In July 2019, Ms. Facchina co-founded, and sits on the board of, a non-profit organization called the Women on Boards Project which was formed to ensure that board seats in the consumer packaged goods industry are filled by diverse women. Ms. Facchina received a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuropsychology from Rider University.


words to live by

"Success isn’t owned, it’s leased, and rent is due every day." ― J.J. Watt

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