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Vice President of Manufacturing

Mark is an experienced and trusted food industry professional with 40 years of experience. His career includes Senior Management positions at Kraft – Nabisco, Sara Lee, ConAgra, McDonalds Supply Chain, Vice President at Quest Nutrition, and Vice President at No Evil Foods. At Quest, Mark was instrumental in taking the startup to $600+ million in sales revenue in 4 short years. He has extensive experience with Fortune 50 branded food companies, contract food manufacturing, emerging and innovative food companies and “out of the box” technological innovation. His understanding of food industry fundamental concepts coupled with a focused desire to innovate and do “what cannot be done” is the driving force behind his successful career. His innovative drive and attention to detail has improved consumer food safety, reduced customer complaints and enhanced the user experience for end use customers.


words to live by

"You can learn just as much observing people doing things the right way as well as the wrong way; true wisdom is full understanding of the difference between what you are observing."
― Mary K McPeak

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