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Director of Operations

Evan comes to Siddhi with a varied background, including entrepreneurship and over 10 years in food and beverage CPG. Before joining Siddhi Capital, he was the Director of Operations at Our Gorongosa, an early-stage, vertically integrated coffee company exporting beans out of Mozambique then roasting and selling in the US. There, he led the full suite of operations from end-to-end supply chain, data analysis, and co-manufacturing to payables and HR. Prior to Our Gorongosa, Evan co-founded Butterface Brands, a CPG start-up company selling clarified butter packets to theatres and grocery chains. He also started a DTC business for an Idaho ranch, McIntyre Pastures, bringing meat and eggs to local people and restaurants. His roots growing up and working on a farm and in his dad’s manufacturing plant set the stage for his entrepreneurial spirit and his love for food and beverage. Evan currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his family and is motivated by bringing ideas to reality.


words to live by

“Courage over comfort.”
– Brene Brown

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