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Premier back-end operations expertise for emerging and growth-stage F&B brands.

Channel Strategy

ERP Integrations

Order Management

COGS Analysis

Financial Modeling

Organization Planning

Co-Man. & Co-Pack Management

Co-Man. & Co-Pack Search

Continuity Planning

Pricing Strategy

Continuous Improvement

Materials Sourcing

Materials Procurement

Product Development

Demand Planning

Investor Relations

R&D - Product Launch

EDI Implementation

Materials Resource Planning

Order to Cash Management

3rd Party Logistics

Regulatory Compliance

Food Safety – PCQI – HACCP


Tomas Froes Founder of Kencko

Siddhi has been instrumental in helping us prepare for real scale. The team understands,  like really few people do the challenges it takes to 10X year on year a food & beverage company. 

Their experience is so valuable because they can go quickly from short-term goals to longer ones whilst stitching them all together in a value-added concise way.

Tomas Froes, Founder - Kencko

Jen Batchelor - CEO Kin

As a beverage company who prides itself on innovation and integrity, Siddhi was a critical partner to us in the early days as we set out to be first to market with a quality product. On average, we were releasing an entirely new formulation (and format!) every 6 months and Siddhi helped us to expertly manage our operation from co-man to 3PL and were also on-site with us for every challenging rollout. After a 6 month hiatus, we returned to them with another challenge - one that required a 6-week test turnaround and they rose to the occasion with gusto. We're now releasing one of our most promising innovations yet in record time, and better yet we get to do it at the height of our seasonal business cycle when our customers need it most. As an innovator first, and beverage maker second, I maintain my edge thanks to Melissa and her team. As we continue to grow and scale, Siddhi Capital will remain an integral component of our operation, one that lets us be nimble while securing a sound infrastructure for the future.

Jen Batchelor, Co-Founder & CEO - Kin

Ashwin Cheriyan - CEO Thistle

We have working with Melissa and the entire Siddhi team since 2019 and they have been an invaluable part of Thistle’s growth story since day 1. Whether it was helping evaluate candidates for key operational roles, providing guidance on facility optimization and equipment selection, introductions to co-manufacturers and suppliers, or evaluating geographic expansion opportunities, the Siddhi team has drawn upon their deep operational knowledge and experience to help us avoid pitfalls that would have almost certainly slowed progress, decreased product quality, or increased costs unnecessarily if we did not have their expertise. The best part is that they are all fantastic people - easy to work with, straight shooters, and open to new ideas or viewpoints. If you have the chance to work them, either as a client or portfolio company, we would encourage to take full advantage of that opportunity!

Ashwin Cheriyan, CEO - Thistle

Greg Sewitz - Co-Founder Magic Spoon

Siddhi has allowed us to scale with more combined operations experience than we ever could've afforded at the beginning. They have the operational expertise to advise and assist with the inevitable everyday fires that are a daily part of running a CPG company, and the capital to lean in at inflection points. It's great to have investors with an operator mentality who have rolled up their sleeves and done the job themselves.

Greg Sewitz, Co-Founder - Magic Spoon

Kevin Lee - Co-Founder immi

Siddhi Capital has been a trusted partner to immi since Day 1. Early on, the Siddhi team invested with conviction and immediately deployed their team to help us navigate the maze of co-packer contract negotiations, onboarding, and commercialization of our product. Post-launch, they've helped us build the foundation of our supply chain and optimize our operations to help drive down our costs and ensure we're never out of stock. They've additionally made valuable introductions to suppliers, vendors, and agencies who've helped to compound our sales. A lot of capital partners claim to be value-add, but Siddhi puts in the work to deliver value day in and day out. We'd recommend Siddhi Capital to anyone looking to build a world class food & beverage company.

Kevin Lee, Co-Founder - immi

Paul Voge - Founder Aura Bora

With Siddhi, we were able to grow 10x in 12 months. Their team provided us with top-tier operations knowledge AND navy seal execution during the most challenging supply chain environment in a century. 


More importantly, they are just good people. Every Siddhi team member has been a delight to work with.

Paul Voge, Founder - Aura Bora

Gregory Struck - Founder Noops

The combination of operational excellence coupled with strategic capital provides an invaluable solution to emerging CPG brands. Siddhi Capital's team is indispensable to Noops and has offered a potent combination of day-to-day operations execution and investor insight that I have not seen matched in
the marketplace.

Gregory Struck, Founder - Noops

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